PU Leather is Just Plastic!


Imagine yourself in a live concert by Dave Matthews accompanied by some of the best musicians in his band and now compare it with an artist singing a cover. 

Well, it is kind of that when you compare real leather and PU. 

PU leather is a layer of plastic (Poly Urethane) on a fabric backing, imprinted with a texture that looks like leather. There is no real leather in it. We hate to break it to you, but that’s the harsh reality - it is plastic.

While PU leather might look shinier and more perfect, sadly, all that glitters is not gold. It is the imperfections of genuine leather that speak about its authenticity. While leather is about exuberating luxury and celebrating uniqueness, PU leather is often mass-produced and lacks that premiumness.

Just like aging wine, genuine leather goods only get better with time. Genuine leather goods last for years, only to look better. However, with PU leather you’ll notice cracks on the fabric and signs of wear and tear appear within weeks if not months. Products made in PU start losing their shine, and hence the vanity wears off soon after you start using them, while genuine leather develops a unique patina that adds to the vintage feel.

What also catches the notice of leather purists is the sweet, musty, natural smell of leather. It is a distinct feature of genuine leather that is difficult to replicate. Since PU leather is plastic, it smells heavily of chemicals and adhesives.

Most often than not, genuine leather is handcrafted, with each process from stitching to embossing done with extra diligence. That combined with the artist’s creativity enhances the overall persona of the product, ensuring no two products are the same; whereas goods made from PU leather are manufactured on a large scale that makes them look, well - plasticky.

And if that wasn’t enough, here's the worst bit - PU, being the plastic it is, is non-biodegradable. It does not decompose and is a hazard to the environment in which it is disposed of.

For a lot of price-sensitive buyers, PU leather might look like it is easy on the pocket, but we’re sure you would agree that all good things come at a price. Genuine leather with its association with premiumness hardly has a match! Genuine leather products are a piece of art, invoking the artist in you. For those who love to flaunt their style statement in the accessories they carry, genuine leather products are all they need! It isn’t a tough call to choose between plastic and leather, we trust you to go for something that is as timeless and classy as your personality.

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