Why Is Our Briefcase The Best Leather Bag Around!


“A man with a briefcase can steal millions more than a guy with a gun” – Don Henley. 

Seldom spoken about but business accessories can be anything but boring! Switch from the times when carrying bulky briefcases was your only resort. Enter: The sleek, suave and elegantly designed Havana briefcases which are anything but your regular work organizer!

Handcrafted using the best quality of vegetable-tanned leather and sewn with high regard so that all your priorities have their own convenient space which is easily accessible by you. The inside of the briefcase is lined with a premium suede fabric to lend it a luxurious appeal. Not forgetting the functionality aspect, the bag has 4inch pockets and inserts to hold your favorite stationery. 

We understand your desire to make that ever-so-subtle style statement and are certain that the Havana collection is sure to impress you at a single glance! Its sleek silhouette and minimal design aesthetics appeal to one and all. What also draws attention are the hand-colored, vignette edges which are our signature and the most revered detail. Available in bespoke colors such as Rainforest, Charcoal, Lava, Cobalt, and Tan, you would wonder why had you not heard about it before!

The use of full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather is sure to win the hearts of leather purists. The durability is a much spoken about factor and so are the characteristics of leather that appear after prolonged usage. Aging leather accessories have their own unique stories to tell!

Being an extremely environmentally-conscious brand, we provide you with a biodegradable option in comparison to other chrome tan leathers to ensure that you don’t feel guilty to own a Mount Wilder.

While you will be surprised at the number of things your briefcase would be able to carry, we make sure that the adjustable shoulder straps give you the best of both worlds - comfort and style. 

Handcrafted using genuine leather, this briefcase brings to you a wealth of elegance, class, and practicality. Perfect for both men and women, to set the tone of the meeting, the bag expresses volumes about the details one likes to add to their personality. Its sleek design with hints of the classy vintage era would make you want to invest in it without a single thought. So what are you waiting for, make a Mount Wilder briefcase yours already!

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